Tafel Tips - Febraury 2013

We can all be procrastinators, but obstacles are most easily overcome when we take ‘baby steps’. During these glum weather days of February and early March, if you’re considering a move and not out house hunting, take the opportunity to organize one drawer at a time – and do some good while doing it! I recently started on one drawer, and was so proud of myself for finishing it that I tackled several more. After three station wagon loads to the Goodwill, I felt like a new person! I could actually FIND things, and I felt wonderful about helping the great folks at Goodwill. After all, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Drawer cleanout. Getting your home ready to sell.

The best upside is that your home will be organized and look clutter free to those prospective Buyers – who WILL be opening closets and checking things out thoroughly. If you appear neat and organized, it conveys the subliminal message to Buyers that you’re the type of homeowner who takes good care of things, thus making your property more desirable than the messy competitor’s! "Sounds like a plan! Call Nan" Nanette Tafel 502.376.1083

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